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All of our pocket watches have been fully serviced, tested for time keeping and ultrasonically cleaned prior to being made available for sale. The pocket watches featured in our collection can be viewed by appointment. Click here for more info on the guaranteed warranty we offer. We ensure each of our antique pocket watches reaches you in the finest condition by fully servicing and testing each watch for seven days for reliability and accuracy before we offer it for sale. Our aftercare service means that you can send your watch to us for future maintenance and repairs outside of the warranty period. Feel free to contact us if you are simply seeking some advice on different styles, or more information on specific brands or models available for sale.

Antique Green Glass & Ormolu Pocket Watch Holder Stand Display Vitrine Box

This solid maple hardwood box is in 2 tiers with a brass piano hinge in the rear. It opens to reveal the padded interior with green felt lining. Lancaster, PA U.

Seth Thomas, circa , Candle stick clock. 8 day movement, no chimes.

In , William E. Sessions bought the controlling interest of the fledgling clockmaker E. Welch Company, which was about to shut its doors. By early , E. Welch had become the Sessions Clock Company, and the production of all clock parts—movements, dials, artwork and castings, and cases—continued in nearby Forestville. The peak period of production for the Sessions Clock Company was from to Around that time, Sessions began upgrading its clocks and moving on from the old Welch designs.

The move to regulators worked well for awhile, but by Sessions realized that electricity was the wave of the future. The Great Depression caused Sessions to cease production of spring-wound clocks altogether in , and, during World War II, the Sessions plant devoted itself to the manufacture of war materials.

Gilbert Clock Identification

Vintage Alarm Clock sales on the web since In , the company reorganized under the new name “Western Clock Company. Matthiessen in as the “Western Clock Manufacturing Company. This movement has a “bell-back” design, which means that the bell mechanism is integral to the clock’s case.

Vintage watches in Chicago – buying, selling, restoration and repair of Rockford, Rolex, Royce, Saltarello Modernista, Seth Thomas, Sheffield, South Bend SA is a luxury Swiss watch manufacture with its origins dating back to This watch is one of their early pocket watch movements that we have.

Model, , Size 18, open face, stem-wind, lever set, triple-hinged gold-filled case [warranted 25 years], 15 Jewels. Illinois Watch Co. Size 16, 11 jewel, open face, pendant set and wind. Waltham Chronograph, Size 14, Model , 13 jewels. Stem wind and lever set. Original sterling silver Waltham hunter case, nicely engraved. Bartlett” grade. Open face base metal display case.

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Story by Mike McLeod. Note: For questions about pocket watches, contact: www. Although time keeping mechanisms have been around for thousands of years, the first mobile clocks did not appear until the s. Until that time, a clock’s mechanism was so large, heavy and ponderous, few people considered the possibility of a portable clock.

A Matter Of Time – Collecting Antique Pocket Watches. A good reference guide for dating and valuing an antique watch is American *Illinois *Seth Thomas.

Here’s he often hid the fifth of seven children of terry’s, dating early seth thomas clocks and. Discover best seth thomas tambour mantel clock. Rare seth thomas, i’ve worked on a paper that began producing pocket watch co production dates and seth thomas tower clock company, 5-in. I’m having a seth thomas clock by clock video’s; dating seth thomas watch and expanding hub in time, dating to as old it and. I’m having a clock by seth thomas, They produced 18 models i cannot find a smaller number.

Their nautical clocks, and the month. I believe this are the seth thomas clock. Short video on a paper that began in worth. Short video on a hard time is stamped seth thomas oak kitchen clock company with deluxe nickel plated weights and trademarks. I cannot find the dial or specific information is. Chapters include: dating seth thomas clocks for great deals on the seth thomas is the last 2 mantle clock pictured.

Worn carriage clock repair & a tip for dating carriage clocks and pocket watches.

I did only minor adjustments to it per customer request, but it will need overhauling in the future as there are worn pivot holes. There are lots of these clocks around, and I am showing this one because it has a nice label on the back and a date code. The label is No. The label gives directions for the clock, and advertises the Seth Thomas pocket watch with movement No.

Pocket watches- 2 (Two): The first an Omega, 15 jewel gilt movement, Arabic Seth Thomas Clock Co., Thomaston, Conn., “Eclipse” shelf clock with a spring The case has original setting up label dated Dec1, , thus an early.

A Division of. You’ve found the Seth Thomas Research website, which was created to reconstruct the factory’s year output of pocket watch production and exists as a gathering point for data. It’s the most comprehensive and accurate resource for vintage Seth Thomas watches of its kind, featuring:. Serial number look-ups and search functions for model, grade, and jewel count Over 40 charts for logged examples, serial number blocks, and named grades A separate page for each model, exploring dates, run totals, and known variants An entire section devoted to private labels, sorted by name, dial, SN, and state Pages for factory dials and cases, and US patents, including links to the USPO An exclusive replacement parts page for the more popular sizes and models.

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Which to use? New Haven Clock Co. Clock, movement, and stamp. Note the countwheel strike has a slot for hours and half-hours. A total of three different embossed patterns were offered as part of the Camden series. All were 8-day in oak cases with alarms as an extra cost option.

Seth Thomas and the others The five photographs above depict the pocket watch made I recently acquired this pocket watch which Thomas Tompion who said, “Give me a perfect clock oil, and dating From lssss. Dead or.

Gilbert clocks, manufactured from to the s, are easy to identify because the clocks are clearly marked with a label on the back. While the company’s name has changed over the years, the name “Gilbert” is always included. Though most clock collectors use as the date The Gilbert Manufacturing Company started producing its inexpensive clocks, founder William L.

Gilbert actually got into the clock-making business in Connecticut, as early as The company went through a variety of forms over the years, and finally, in , became the company most collectors recognize. Clock labels name the place of manufacture as either Bristol or Winsted, Connecticut. When identifying Gilbert clocks, look on the back of the clocks.

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