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This World Mental Health Day, Geraldine Carton puts pen to paper to honour the importance of recognising mental health and supporting those who may be suffering. Ten small ways to look after your mind on World Mental Health Day. Irish actress Evanna Lynch opens up about overcoming an eating disorder. Rebecca Humphries shows us how to make the best of a bad situation. Sometimes the downs seem never-ending And the ups feel few and far between And the happy front you show the world Is not necessarily what it might seem. Mental health comes in many guises, But the reality can be cruel and bleak Not being able to leave your home for days Feeling too vulnerable, too scared, too weak. More like this Ten small ways to look after your mind on World Mental Health Day Irish actress Evanna Lynch opens up about overcoming an eating disorder Rebecca Humphries shows us how to make the best of a bad situation.

Body Image: Thicker (A Slam Poem)

We at Cosmopolitan. Don’t you love how groups like these consider themselves the downtrodden minority when, in fact, they’re the unspoken vast majority? The post, entitled “5 Reasons To Date a Girl With An Eating Disorder,” advises men to date women suffering from eating disorders because they’re hot, easily manipulated, freaks in bed, have low enough self esteem that they’ll do anything for you, and are probably rich. Offended yet?

The new Netflix movie is a remarkably tone-deaf and insight-free depiction of anorexia nervosa, writes Lucy Kelly. Content warning: this article.

I had boyfriends when I had anorexia. Yes, I was thin in a fashionable way … before I got thin in a starving-person way. Yes, I was an extremely cheap date — for dinner in high school, of course, but also for drinks in college. Someone who ate six hundred calories all day before going out gets wasted on one cocktail. Sweet, right? But … I was also slowly killing myself. I want you to read it anyway. You can eat without thinking about it. For those not in the know, anorexics think about food a lot.

A lot. It irritated the shit out of me that I kept getting invited to those dinners and throwing a wrench in my carefully structured life. I understood intellectually how nice it was they wanted to include me in their family meals. I also understood intellectually how rude it was to not eat much when the cook had spent the entire day in the kitchen hand-rolling won tons.

Margaret Atwood

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They linger far too long. I was counting on my calories. Eating portions from my lunchbox. No more than a quarter. I couldn’t stop.

More than half of Americans say they want to lose weight. Like having a little bully sitting on your shoulder all day, every day, criticizing every single thing you say, do, eat and think. Like your best friend who has helped you cope in the past is trying to kill you. Living with an eating disorder is not really living.

It is like trying to take a breath in a smog-filled room, each breath feels like it is killing you. They sounded kind of helpful at first, but eventually started taking over. Imagine you try to get that person to leave and they bunker down. They control you more. Those things you could do with their permission stop — you do nothing now. You defend them to your friends and family.

Not Hungry

Is body hair still a feminist issue? Academic and author Emer O’Toole believes it is – she stopped shaving for three years, as part of an attempt to overcome social expectations of what her body should be. She joins Jenni to talk hairy armpits and bending gender stereotypes. In the general election women voted on the same terms as men for the first time and their vote was dubbed “the flapper vote”. Gaby Hinsliff and Dr Rosie Campbell discuss how political parties have categorised women to target their votes.

Poet Elaine Feinstein talks about women, poetry and Sylvia Plath; and why younger women no longer want to have it all.

The Cycle of My LifeBy: Megan, Age 16It all starts out wonderful until he strikesConstantly hearing “I’m sorry”Until it doesn’t matter.

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‘5 Reasons To Date A Girl With An Eating Disorder’ blog post causes outrage

First date anxiety can be difficult, particularly if you already live with anxiety in other areas of your life. Going on a date with someone new may bring up concerns about being judged and evaluated, as well as jitters about whether you will be able to keep up your end of the conversation or make a good impression. However, planning a first date that maximizes your strengths and minimizes anxiety can be helpful. While dinner and a movie is the traditional first date choice, it’s not the best option if you live with social anxiety.

This takes the pressure off of you both as you get to know each other. A fun atmosphere will also help you to relax and laugh at yourself.

Have you ever been described by someone with a word that’s usually used to describe a milkshake thick, thicker? Have you ever struggled with body image?

Couple goals is an adorable catchphrase, but the truth is that it takes a lot of time, effort, and trials to get to that point with another person. But the choices you make will have a direct impact on your romantic life. But being in a relationship is about sharing your thoughts, feelings, and overall life with someone else.

Relationships can only grow when there is honesty between partners. In fact, a study done by Redeemer University College found that couples who are honest and trustworthy enjoy more fulfilling relationships. When people think about couple goal s , they often think of good-looking couples who do a lot of travel, who have the perfect house, kids, puppies, and jobs. The reality is that the biggest couple goals are the ones where both partners feel happy, loved, respected, and supported in their relationship.

When you have an eating disorder, it is hard to feel happy and built up in your relationship because often those who suffer from these issues have low self-esteem and body insecurities. Clinically referred to body image disturbance, this self-image is often one of the first criteria for being diagnosed with bulimia, anorexia, depression, and body dysmorphia. Issues with body image run deep and can have a ripple effect on the rest of your relationship, whether you have an eating disorder or not.

Research proves that couples are happier when they share friends. Love and flirting are wonderful, but spending time together with friends gives couples an opportunity to have social experiences outside of romance that boosts emotional intimacy. When you have an eating disorder it makes those social situations much more difficult. Simply put, because most social engagements revolve around food.

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Research among adults has shown that younger age is a consistent risk factor for experiencing and perpetrating intimate partner violence. However, no representative epidemiologic studies of lifetime prevalence of dating violence among adolescents have been conducted. After controlling for the effects of potentially confounding demographics and risk behaviors, data from both surveys indicate that physical and sexual dating violence against adolescent girls is associated with increased risk of substance use eg, cocaine use for , odds ratio [OR], 4.

Intimate partner violence IPV against women is a major public health concern. Estimates from a recent large-scale, nationally representative survey 1 indicate that more than 1. Research among adults has shown that younger age is a consistent risk factor for experiencing and perpetrating IPV.

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It’s hard to distinguish sometimes the ED talking and what’s Taylor talking. And then I didn’t meet the weight criteria for anorexia. Many of the EDNOS symptoms are the same as other eating disorders, such as bulimia or anorexia, but don’t fully meet the criteria of those disorders. On the other hand, EDNOS sufferers might exhibit a combination of eating disorders, such as being severely strict with counting calories but then still purging after eating. The issues lie as much in the mind as in the meal, said Dr.

Douglas Bunnell, a clinical psychologist and vice president of The Renfrew Center , a renowned eating disorder treatment program with 11 locations in nine states. They have the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric diagnosis. After receiving an EDNOS diagnosis, Taylor said she felt a little disappointed, as if her condition wasn’t as serious as the more well-known eating disorders. Taylor said her eating disorder began when she was 12, though she said the pressure to be thin started long before that.

Lily Myers – “Shrinking Women” (CUPSI 2013)