Expats Working in Italy: Finding a Job

Our team of experts is ready to help you find a home abroad, move your household goods, and settle into your new country. If moving to Italy is part of your plans, our comprehensive guide gives you all the steps to move to Italy, from getting a visa, to registering for healthcare, paying takes, getting a bank account, finding schools, and more. Find out if you meet the requirements for moving to Italy—be warned these are quite different for EU citizens and non-EU citizens in most aspects. Need to move abroad? Organizing an international relocation is not something you should do on your own. Contact us today to jump start your move, and begin the preparations with our free relocation checklist. If you are looking for a hands-on guide on how to move to Italy, you are in the right place. We show you how hard or easy it is to move to Italy on all aspects that concern your relocation, from housing to healthcare, education, banks and taxes, and more. Overall, if you are willing to handle slow bureaucracies and complicated processes of registrations and applications, you will find the Italian way of living worth it. Each section of this guide covers all things to know when moving to Italy, and what you will need to move there—patience comes first, especially if you are used to methodic and timely processes for public services.

An Expat Guide to Milan

I started this blog as a writing outlet for me to share what it is I adore about the beautiful city of Florence and Italy also sharing travel tips and stories along the way. Now ‘Girl in Florence’ includes advice for Florence, artisan features, interviews with locals, tips for life in Italy and travel posts from all over Europe. I’ve just found 10, ways that won’t work.

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Staying calm: Coronavirus (COVID) and the Expat in Milan. By Karen Rigatti, Certified Professional Counselor As if there weren’t already enough hurdles to.

I always seem to meet people with whom I tour, eat or party. On my recent trip to Italy, for the very first time I traveled with a group of friends for four days, spending two of them in Milan and the other two in Lake Como. It was great but when it came time to part ways, I eagerly embraced having some alone time. Sadly, I did not like my main dish that much — which was a pasta with sea urchin. He kindly replaced it with something more to my liking without charging me extra.

I attended the premier of Attila , scoring a stool in a little box about 3 floors up. The view from the side box was a little limited and four of us had to crowd our chairs together to watch the performance but all of that was forgotten as the opera began. It was sang in both Italian and English and translations were also displayed on two small LCD screens within the box.

He provided for great company during before the opera started and during the intermission. I was treated to a quick ride on the back of his motorcycle while wearing my LBD and stiletto heels! So fun.

Italy – Expansion of Inbound Expatriate Tax Relief

The second largest city in Italy, Milan is a very popular place for expats. The city is home to 1. There are also plenty of opportunities to escape the city. The are offers stunning Alpine scenery, a mild climate, countless resorts, as well as plenty of activities for families.

Ok, So I have been in Milan for about a year now with my Italian boyfriend and although I have met some great new friends, they all Connect with other expats​.

Professional Relo is specialized in Relocation in Milan. Milan is a large modern metropolis, it is the main centre of industrial and entrepreneurial activities in Italy and is, at the same time, rich in art, history and architecture. Ambrogio , or simply the Ippodromo Hippodrome sports facility San Siro. The excellent public transport system provides connections with the centre from all areas of the city. The City Centre is located within the second ring of the city. These are just a few of the nicest streets.

The heart of Milan is the Centro Storico [historic centre] neighbourhoods. These are the streets where the most famous fashion designers have their boutiques.

International Schools in Italy

Then I decided to spend the fall semester of my junior year abroad in Florence, Italy. My roommates during my sophomore year had both studied in Italy and raved about their time. They gushed about the panini from a little shop around the corner from the picturesque villas that housed their study program, and regaled me with stories of fun parties and their Italian romances. I was ready for that to be my life: fun, food and a European love story.

We’re a Meetup group based in Milan for expatriates looking to meet new people and The emphasis is on friendships (if you’re looking for a dating service try.

While the thought of being your own boss in Italy may sound exciting, the reality is that most of the foreigners you run into here are working for someone else. They are often found teaching English, translating, designing web pages, working in marketing or public relations, consulting for a multinational, teaching at a university, writing for a newspaper or magazine, or working with a governmental organization. Fortunately for those Anglophones without an illustrious career behind them already, the very act of speaking perfect English lends one a certain credibility.

Italians may be suspicious of U. Also, employers admire the professional habits cultivated in the United States. When compared to European workers nursed on labor-friendly hiring laws, prospective North American employees have a leg up on the competition, as they come from a culture where efficiency is king and are accustomed to the kind of laissez-faire capitalism where hiring and firing are quick and easy processes.

Even the most venerated institutions of traditional Italian sectors often have a native English-speaker in their top brass. But unless you have outstanding contacts or credentials, or else were sent to Italy by your U. Then again, many people feel that they were cut out for teaching or translating and build it into a career. In Rome, a good place to start looking is an expat magazine called Wanted in Rome. It has classified ads for short-term or longterm apartment rentals and a list of jobs for native English-speakers.

Its counterpart in Milan is Easy Milano. The Monster board has an Italian site focused on an international crowd, while for Italians, the most popular venue is Corriere Lavoro.

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While Rome is the political and historical heart of Italy, Milan is its financial leader and cultural trendsetter. The city has a reputation for being incredibly work-orientated, but the work-life balance remains favourable thanks to its many annual events and varied social opportunities, especially those related to design.

As a key element of the lifestyle in Milan , fashion is a top priority for many residents and the Milanese people seem to do everything with style. They are also passionate about food and sports. Properties in Milan are some of the most expensive in Italy, but the choices are varied and include everything from inner-city apartments to spacious suburban villas and beyond. An extensive public transport system makes it easy to get from home to work and school.

Expats typically find love, but not money, in Italy. total of 57 percent of expats dating or married to an Italian – compared to a global average of.

The Tax Samaritan country guide to Italy Expat Tax advice is intended to provide a general review of the tax environment of Italy and how that will impact your U. Expat in Italy. The tax treatment for different classes of income can vary greatly from Italy and the U. For example, certain benefits may be tax free or excluded from taxable income in Italy, but in the U.

As such, there are a number of considerations related to Italy Expat Tax and this brief article will address a few of those considerations. Italy is known for its rich cultural heritage, laid-back lifestyle, good food, great weather and outgoing people. But moving to Italy can be a trying experience for Americans with all the paper work and slow bureaucracy. Nevertheless, most expats that make Italy their home love it there. Below is a list of our top 10 popular Italian cities for foreigners to reside in in no particular order :.

Tax residents of Italy are subject to tax on their worldwide income. Individuals who are not tax resident in Italy are subject to tax on their Italian-source income only. Who Is A Tax Resident Of Italy An individual is considered resident for income tax purposes if, for the greater part of the tax year, he or she satisfies any of the following conditions:. Tax Filing Income tax returns must be filed by September 30 for the preceding year.

The tax year in Italy is the calendar year.

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Click to discover important tips on Italy Expat Tax. extend the FBAR due date – there is no extension available for the FBAR deadline. Paschi di Siena, Banca Popolare di Milano, Banca Carige or at another bank in Italy or.

If you don’t want or are ineligible to qualify for healthcare protection from the country here you normally live, your situation depends on the country where you originally came from. If you wish, you can register with a specific healthcare protection from your country of origin when provided , but you will still pay and benefit from the local system. European Card for Sickness Insurance In case of medical care need when abroad in Europe, it allows European members to get refund for their medical expenses, according to the legal arrangement in the visited country.

It is an individual card with your name, and each family member should have one including children under It is valid 1 year and free. The card is not given automatically: you will need to ask your social security centre a few weeks before the departure. Italy, like most EU countries, has a comprehensive but overextended public health system.

If you are working in Italy, your employer will contribute to the national health insurance system for you. Once you are registered, you will receive a health number and health card tessera sanitaria and all visits to your family doctor will be free. He or she will issue you with any necessary prescriptions and referrals to specialists. The standard prescription charge is less than 10 euros. Emergency health provision is available to all EU and non-EU visitors you can go to the emergency section of a hospital free of charge.

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To join, we require an invitation from an existing member or an application approved by our membership committee. Apply for Membership. If you need any help with your account please email support asw.

Milan is known as Italy’s commercial centre, a cityscape of old-world COVID​: Stay up to date with our coverage on the coronavirus pandemic. the cost of public transport, which isn’t that high, especially if expats use an ATM travel card.

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You will find below a list of the most popular international and bilingual schools for expats in Italy with fee information. The list includes nursery schools, primary and secondary high schools for you to find the right school to prepare for the International Baccalaureate and other accreditation in Italy. Schools may follow the American or British curriculums with English speaking program while others run under the French, German, or even Japanese education system.

The Italian school system is offered free to all children who are resident in Italy, regardless of nationality. Schooling is compulsory from the age of six to sixteen. All schools, both public and private, are subject to comply with the curricula and teaching methods of the Ministry of Public Education Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione.

A section of the International School of Milan, this campus in Monza provides and in Italy, enabling us to keep up-to-date with both curriculum and standards.

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12 Things You Need to Know About Dating When You Move to Italy

Here is a list of things that have worked for us, and places I especially love that have made living life abroad a bit easier. Scroll to the bottom for the map that goes with this post. Food is delicious and plentiful in Milan, but it can be tricky to find special ingredients to make international dishes, such as Asian food or Tex-Mex. Here are my favorite spots to find these elusive ingredients.

Kathay is a beautiful store in Chinatown with international foods from all over the globe including hard to find American, British, and Asian products.

Milano, Laghi di Como & Maggiore. Fri 18 Sep – Sun 20 Sep. 11 RSVPs 9+ left Free. A new trip to Italy’s power house Milan and two of the most famous lakes.

While not on the same scale as Rome, there is a real presence of a glorious past. Befitting its status as one of the four fashion capitals of the world, Milan’s calendar highlight is perhaps the famed Milan Fashion Week. Outside of the festival, the Quadrilatero della Moda will delight shoppers with a penchant for high fashion. Boutiques and outlets of only the most sophisticated brands abound, including anything from Versace, Armani and Jimmy Choo, to Guess, Bagutta and Hugo Boss.

Not many Italians speak English and this language barrier can be very tough to overcome. Its ornate towns and villages are the perfect tonic when the buzz of city life becomes a little too much. Petrolheads will be delighted to know that the Monza racing track is a simple half-an-hour drive away. Milan is safe, with pickpockets the only real threat.

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